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Kinetic Typography






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Kinetic Typography is the technique of arranging text based on creative intuition and make it come alive with motion design. There are no golden rules in this form of art and your choice on positioning the text with different fonts, colors and sizes will manage to make your message more appealing to the audience and can make a huge difference on how your message is passed on to the viewers.


Every graphic designer needs to know and understand what typography is and how it works. So if you want to be a graphic designer and just starting up using Adobe After Effects you may want to learn how to make dynamic motion graphics using text layers. If this is the case then this is the tutorial you want to start with. It has 24 minutes and covers every essential step that you need to take to make an awesome typography with motion graphics and a nice gradient background.


This After Effects Tutorial on Basic Kinetic Typography will walk you through all the steps and techniques you need to know for making your text come alive on screen.

This tutorial will teach you:Video TimecodeTips / Shortcuts
How to create a new composition with custom attributes00:58Ctrl + N
How to see audio waveform01:36Select layer and press L twice
How to play only audio01:59Press . on numeric keypad (If you use a laptop you may not have it)
How to create a text layer02:22Ctrl + T
How to scale up a layer02:44Select layer and press S
What is an Anchor Point and how to change Anchor Point position02:56Select layer and press A or select layer press Y and move it as you wish in composition window
How to enable Title Safe04:02' (apostrophe key)
How to duplicate a layer04:31Ctrl + D
How to cut/trim layers at current time06:07Select layer and press Alt + [ (trim in) and Alt + ] (trim out)
How to animate a text layer08:41Select and expand text layer. In the text submenu click the animate button.
How to make and apply a animation preset14:25Don't forget to select the animator when you save the preset.
How to see all the keyframes on a specific layer15:54Select layer and press U
How to add motion blur16:15Don't forget to activate motion blur from the timeline panel.
How to add and use a null object to control other layers position16:54Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Y
How to create a solid color background18:26Ctrl + Y
How to precompose layers18:53Ctrl + Shift + C
How to make a layer 3D19:06In main menu \ layer and select 3D Layer (after you selected the layer that you want to make 3d)
How to make a fake floor from a color solid layer19:22This technique will work only with 3d layers.
How to add a Vignette22:11Ctrl + Alt + Y ( to add a new Adjustment Layer )

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